Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Peyto Lake

We had so much fun going to Peyto Lake for the first time! When we had discovered Peyto Lake through social media, we saw there are easy hiking trails & made an afternoon of it. Its located north of Lake Louise on the Ice fields Parkway. First off let me say that we are not hikers by any means. Maybe one day we will work up to difficult trails but for now I need to work on my bear phobia haha! It's just nice getting outside & who doesn't love fresh air with a beautiful view. 

The weather was great not to cold & we brought Harper with us. We only had one incident where we hadn't seen anyone for 50 minutes & out of nowhere we start hearing people shouting, shaking bells & clapping loudly. All I could think is great it would be my luck that we would run into a bear... So I did what every person shouldn't do & panicked. Evan described it as drowning on dry land. It was awful. I even listen to podcasts on what you do when you run into a bear & in the moment nothing came to mind. In the end we never ran into anyone or bear, which hey it could have happened! We will never know..( is what I tell myself so I don't feel so pathetic haha) although Ev is positive people were probably just doing it to be cautious & that he is signing me up for an outdoor course if they exist.  

Regardless on your level of hiking this is the perfect place to get outdoors & see stunning views with an easy walk. You can walk up to a lookout or pick a level of trail to take to see more! 

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